Work and Sport Bracing



When considering a sport or work brace, we always recommend seeing a physician or a physiotherapist, if at all possible, to get a diagnosis and/or a prescription. 


Why is this step important?


1.    The pain or discomfort you are feeling may be a symptom of a bigger issue.


2.    Your physician may feel it necessary to refer you to a physiotherapist or specialist such as a sports medicine doctor.  In extreme cases, it may be necessary for you to see an orthopaedic surgeon.  FYI:  You may also see a physiotherapist or sports medicine doctor yourself (you do not need a referral).


3.    We want to make sure that you receive the proper solution - not just one that “feels good.”  The wrong brace or one that is the sized incorrectly may aggravate or leave an injury vulnerable.


Other important considerations before purchasing Work & Sport Bracing:


1.    If at all possible, we recommend dropping into one of our retail outlets.  Ontario Home Health’s trained staff will be able to answer any questions you may have and recommend the proper solution.


2.    Purchasing Work & Sport Bracing online can be a quick and painless way of replacing a tired brace when the individual knows exactly what size and model they wish to purchase.


3.    As always, our trained staff are only a phone call away if you do have any questions or clarifications.  See Contact Us for local and toll free numbers.



Bracing Return Policy:


Any returned brace must be in prime sellable condition along with original packaging material.  Due to hygienic concerns, it must not have been worn for any other purpose than to ensure proper fit. 


See Product Return Policy for further details.