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Reiko sitting in his brand new wheelchair with trains on the wheels.

"When we were first talking about where we would be able to get a wheelchair vendor, Bill at Ontario Home Health came up many times. We were told over and over how much people have loved working with him. That, and the fact that it was fairly close to our home, we chose to go with Ontario Home Health as the vendor for our, at the time 2 year old, son.

Reiko was born with Osteogenesis Imperfecta which means brittle bone's. He has had close to 200 fractures in under 4 years, and after talking with Bill for the first time my husband and I felt confident that Bill would help us through this process.

In the 2 years we have been with Ontario Home Health, we are extremely happy with the service we have received. It is top notch. Having a disabled child is hard enough and not really knowing anything about accessibility made it that much harder, but having Bill and the Ontario Home Health team on our side has been phenomenal. They come to you to make it easier, and if we ever have questions we know we will always have the best care with them. I will recommend this company to anyone who is in need. We will be using Ontario Home Health for all Reiko's needs in the future. Thank you so much." - Jessica Quinlan   


Our son was born in June 2000 and shortly after that we became clients of Ontario Home Health.

We received our first wheelchair in April of 2002  from Bill and he has been there when ever we need him ever since.
It does not matter what we need, whether it be an adjustment of the chair, personal care items or even to try something out, the awesome people at Ontario Home Health will be there for you as they have always been for us.

As for this new seating system Bill suggested to us, it is the best! Boo did not used to like being in his chair now he cannot wait to be up and in it! 
Thank you to Bill, Dean, Karen, Katie and the rest of the great staff for all of your hard work and compassion 
Love the Britton-Preszcator Family