Ostomy Supplies

Ostomy surgery is done to form an opening in the abdomen to allow waste to be passed from the body when a structure in the digestive system is unable to function properly. There are three different types of surgeries that are performed depending on the structures affected:

Colostomy - The colon is the first four to five feet of the large intestine. Its function is to absorb water and any remaining nutrients from waste material and return it to the body. A colostomy is a temporary or permanent surgery that is performed when the colon is not able to function properly and the body needs another way to eliminate waste. During a colostomy an opening is formed called a stoma. The stoma connects the colon to the surface of the abdomen allowing the person to pass waste from their body.

Ileostomy - During an ileostomy part of the ileum is brought to the surface of the abdomen creating a stoma which is a small opening. An iliostomy is performed when the ileum is not functioning properly. The ileum is the longest segment of the small intestine and its primary function is to absorb vitamin B12. There are two types of ileostomy surgeries; end ileostomy and loop ileostomy. An end ileostomy is a surgery that removes part of the large bowel known as the colon. The loop iliostomy is a surgery where some of the small bowel is lifted above the skin and held in place with a rod. This surgery is typically done as a temporary treatment. Both surgeries are done to allow the elimination of waste from the body.

Urostomy - A urostomy is done to redirect urine flow through a small opening in the abdominal wall when there is a diseased bladder, The opening is called a stoma and is used to pass urine. After having a urostomy the urine flows continually and so a pouch must be worn at all times. 

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The Ministry of Health's Assistive Devices Program has created a grant for individuals who are a permanent Ontario resident with a valid health card issued in their name, who has a permanent colostomy, ileostomy, usostomy, ileal conduit, or continent pouch/reservoir.